Omega Doom - An ASCII Space Adventure


An interactive ASCII art space adventure game written purely in BASH

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Talkopedia - Insight and benefits blog


A blog for insight and benefits into your modern daily life to help you and your family grow.

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Tyres - the Jira to Discord BOT


A productivity BOT designed to help project management seamlessly cross platforms.

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JANUS - The spirit of the doorways


Security tool built as a stand alone PHP module to help you block naughty IPs.

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Dumb Dog CMS - you dumb doggie!


A lightweight CMS built as a stand alone PHP module with some quirk and style

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kytschBASIC - BASIC for the modern web


An 80s language by an 80s kid for the modern world! My own version of BASIC for the web.

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Boutique E-Commerce System


A monolithic bespoked e-commerce application built as a replacement to multiple system's within the company.

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Kytscha - if captcha was ASCII it would be this


An open source ASCII captcha used to help protect forms from getting spam attacks.

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AmigaMike - an Amiga fan site


A nod to the greatest operating system ever made! Long live the Amiga!

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Dental Finder Back-end App


Vue.js app used by the various dentist finders to help the team manage the practices and the app.

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Everything Dental Dentist Finder


A massive world wide dentist finder application to help people find their local dentist practice.

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Warehouse Stock Management System


Stock management system for managing stock across multiple sites and ordering of stock with suppliers.

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Voucher QR Code Scanner


App for validating vouchers with QR codes running on a customer Linux OS with scanner hardware

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ActiveCell 3D Printing API


An API built to help a 3D printing firm manage their printers talking to OctoPrint running on Raspberry Pis.

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Quick Straight Teeth Dentist Finder App


A rebrand of the boutique whitening app and released for another site called Quick Straight Teeth.

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Boutique Whitening Dentist Finder App


The dentist finder app built to help people find a local dental practice for all of their dental needs.

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