So as many of you have probs experienced, your happily using something like Postman and you upgrade it only to find your collections are now broken or the app won't start.

This happened to I have moaning to my cousin and he said, 'Why not build your own? Been thinking about doing one myself' so he challenged me to a 'dev-off' where we'd each take a few months and build out own app.

Originally it was to be built in Python using kivy and kivyMD as I wanted to get to know kivy. Sorry kivy team and devs but the experience was a painful one! The amount of headaches I had just getting stuff to build, position correctly and stay stable was too much my hair-line could take. So after about 3 weeks or so of on and off dev I threw in the towel.

I'd been toying with the idea (after a dream I had) with making an app in Zephir-lang as I use it for my kytschBASIC language and I just love it!

Check it out here

So I figured I'd see if you could make a pure HTML, CSS and JS app that'll run as a PHP module.

And Plonky is what come of it.

The app is still very much in alpha but I'll open the repo up soon for people to mess with.

Click below to check out what I have so far...

Check it out