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If job hunting was a meme it would be this...


Follow me on the meme journey of job hunting in 2023 and the disaster it is!

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Man writing own compiler seeks Woman


For a long time I've been wanting to write my own programming language...

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How to handle job seeking rejection hell!


How to deal with applying for roles and just getting automated rejection responses.

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Help those in need...

Quiet Connections

For the last month or so now I've been helping at with a community interest company (CIC) called Quiet Connections.

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Dumb Dog goes out for a public walk...

dumbdog users

Dumb dog repo is opened up to the public. It's still certainly an alpha build but it's getting there.

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You dumb dog!

dumbdog quick menu

So I wrote a CMS a few years back and I was going to opensource it. I still might but for now ITS ALL MINE! So I wrote this instead.

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plonky response

Plonky is coming along nicely. It's been a fun little challenge trying to figure out how to run an app as a PHP module.

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When you drink too much and think you can write an app better than another in a lang not really design for it.

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