JANUS - The spirit of the doorways

A while back I wrote a security tool that basically scanned my webserver logs for specific patterns. These patterns were known attack ones and I'd just block the IP of those running them.

Since that project is all but dead and with a recent server getting blasted by bots I figured I'd port it to it's own little project. With my love of Zephir it was the perfect choice.

Janus is a standalone PHP module that allows you to scan webserver logs and from that build up patterns of dodgy going ons so you can keep scanning for people running those attacks and blacklist them from ever coming back.

Once you've defined the patterns, Janus will automatically keep running looking for new attempts of people trying to be clever dicks and block them.

Janus has defined patterns already, stuff I've been collecting from my own logs and I'll keep growing it to share the data with the project.

Checkout the repo on GitHub if you fancy using it or becoming part of the project.