Warehouse Stock Management System

A stock management system built in Laravel/Lumen backend API with Vue.js frontend running under PHP-FPM, nginx and MYSQL/MariaDB as the database technology.

The company had an issue with their stock as it is across multiple sites. They'd often do a manual stock take each month but they found that it was always off resulting in stock shortages for some items or overstocking for others.

The plan was to knock out a quick 3 week build of a simple online stock management system that would allow both their sites to perform the stock takes but also request stock from each other and to order new stock via their suppliers.

The suppliers themselves had their own access to the system where they could review the orders and fulfil them.

The system also sports email notifications when the stock is low or out of stock so the team can deal with them.

The stock system is also now tied with the companies e-commerce system, see Boutique E-Commerce System for more info.